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After taking a look at what people did not like about Kay, I found out that most people had problems with quality aspects of product purchases and negative experiences related to customer services.

In order to give Kay’s service a test, I posed as a potential customer who’s interested in buying an engagement ring. Using my parameters for selecting round diamonds, I narrowed down a couple of decent looking options and proceeded to contact Kay for more information about the stones.

Besides experiencing slow service support, I discovered that Kay’s diamonds were a lot pricier than many other jewelers who sell similar products.

If course, you don’t have to take my word for it. Feel free to go online and perform your own search at other diamond vendors to compare the prices of loose diamonds. All you need to do is to play around with the filters/sliders and you can easily narrow down identical diamonds for comparisons (check that the GIA report number is the same).

Choosing a Diamond at Kay.com

Here’s where things get interesting when I posed as a potential customer who’s interested in buying an engagement ring. In my first attempt to contact Kay, I wasn’t able speak to anyone via their live support chat system. Instead, I sent them an email with some questions about my shortlisted diamonds. More specifically, I requested ASET/Idealscope images to be sent to me in order to evaluate the performance of their diamonds.

“Thank you for visiting our Kay Jewelers web site. Your message has been assigned request id RQST000XXXXXXXX.

You will receive a response within three to five business days. We look forward to assisting you with your request. If you would like to send additional correspondence for this request, simply reply to this email and your reply will be automatically associated with this request.


Kay Jewelers Customer Care Team”

3 Days Later…

Thank you for visiting our Kay website. I appreciate the opportunity to assist you. I do apologize but we do not provide any Idealscope or ASET kit with our diamonds. This is a certified diamond by GIA (Gemological Institute of America) which lists all the specifications for this diamond.

If you have any other questions, please get back to me.


Laura F

Customer Care

I don’t know about you but when a business takes 3 long days to reply to a simple question, it shows how much they care about addressing customer concerns. If I were a potential consumer shopping for an engagement ring, any jeweler that takes more than 1 working day to respond to queries will immediately be off from my list.

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Besides experiencing slow customer support, what I discovered while performing price comparisons of their loose diamonds was shocking.

Final Verdict on Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewelers seems to be catching up with new trends of e-commerce quite slowly, but on the whole, the whole company is okay. There are minor glitches in their marketing philosophy. For example, you probably do not care about a ten dollar coupon if you are looking for engagement rings that cost thousands of dollars.

Hopefully with the spate of feedback posted by their customers, they will realize that providing better service to potential customers is just as important as selling quality products to customers already won.

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