diamond engagement ringsDiamond engagement rings are the most popular and sought after rings today, because diamonds are regarded as the best gem for engagements and special occasions due to their hardness and durability. Women also tend to prefer diamonds because of their magnificent fire and brilliance. Diamonds are the indelible symbol of the sparkling love and beauty that only this gem can truly reflect.

Diamonds were first mined in India thousands of years ago and have been used in bridal jewelry for a many hundreds of years now. Now over 90% of diamonds are mined in Africa.

There are a few rules to buying a diamond. If you follow them, you should do just fine.

First of all, it’s important to know your 4 C’s. Rank color, cut, clarity, and carat in your order of preference, and set your budget for that perfect custom designed ring.

Second thing is the choose the shape of the diamond. Popular choices are: round brilliant, princess cut, emerald cut, oval cut, heart, and trilliant.

Third thing to do is to shop around. Find the best quality diamond you can get within your budget. Because most people can’t afford a diamond that’s top of the line in all four C’s, it’s important to be able to sacrifice one factor for the other.

Last but not least, choose you setting and metal type. With diamonds, especially those with high color grading, they are mostly set in a white gold ring or a platinum ring. But yellow gold is also possible if that’s your preference. Usually a diamond merchant will let you custom the setting and metal type for a low price if you purchase the diamond from them.


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Designer Engagement Rings

tension set engagement rings with diamondDesigner engagement rings are wonderful choices for your special moment. Instead of going for a traditional ring, designer ones provide you with much more to choose from. You can select from a wide array of freestyles that will best suit your individual ideals.

Not only are they perfect for showcasing your unique taste, but they are generally more artistically made. Those women who has an affection for everything artsy and elegant will love to be proposed to with one of these.

The center stone of the ring is just as important as the designs of gold ring used. When shopping for center stones, you need to do research on different types of gemstones and how to differentiate good qualities from the bad. Also, because a ring can come in so many styles, and each one can be dramatically different from the other, it’s important to study her jewelry collection and know exactly what she likes to wear.

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